this site may be hacked: google message

Today I want to share a great and in-depth article about website security with you. This is a lengthy article written by Joshua Ballard. In this article, Joshua explains how you can fix this site may be hacked error message.

Joshua is an Aussie website enthusiast. After reading my article about website hacking, he wrote this lengthy article about security.

I received the following message from Joshua.

“My name is Joshua, I’m an Aussie website enthusiast for lack of a better term.

I came across an article you had written recently about website hacking, and it helped me in creating an article that I’ve been dying to write for ages.

A few years back, I walked into work on a nice Friday afternoon, logged in to the network and saw that we had a ‘this site may be hacked’ label on our search results in Google

The next 16 hours were a maelstrom of rapid learning, freak out sessions and feeling like I was well over my head.

Some of the resources I found that day helped, and some just seemed to make everything so much worse.

I set out to write a web page that I honestly wish had existed on that day, or at least could have been found.

A kind of ‘ground zero’ for people who have just realised the site they are working on has been hacked. ”

So Your Site is Hacked, now what do you do?

I really like his article and you should read Joshua’s article about website security. In this article, You will learn

  • Why would hacker do this (hack website)
  • What do you need to do
  • How did hacker hack your website
  • Preventing Future Hacks
  • Are You Losing Money and more

Read So Your Site is Hacked, now what do you do?

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