How To Make Money Writing Articles $150 to $200 per article

In November 2013, I wrote an article about Ghost blogging platform, it was a review article, I decided to submit that article on a popular design blog, luckily my article was accepted and I was very happy and excited. I was paid $50 for Ghost review article. It was my first online earning.

Since then, I have been writing articles about different web design related topics, I find it very interesting. You just have to share your knowledge and experience with others, people will appreciate your work, they consider you as an authority and most important thing you will be get paid as well.

There isn’t any other good way to increase your blog traffic, email subscribers and earning as well. Websites are always looking for fresh original content and talented writers and contributors. You can earn anywhere from $100 to $800 per month writing articles.

I have been working on a new course, in this course you will learn step by step process, how to make money writing articles.

Course detials: how to make money writing articles

  • 50+ websites to sell your articles ($20 to $300+ per article)
  • 10+ types of article you can write easily
  • How to write and format your articles
  • What you need to do before submitting your article
  • How to find high paying websites
  • how to write list articles easily and earn from $100 to $150 per list article
  • How to earn $300 for detailed tutorials
  • How to create and submit invoice to get paid
  • The different ways to receive online payments
  • How to earn from $400 to $800+ per month writing articles
  • How to quickly learn new skills and find content ideas.

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