How To Design The Perfect Logo For Your Business Website

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One does not simply sit down and design a logo. If you think designing a logo for your business is an easy process, you have never been more wrong. In this post I am going to explain How To Design The Perfect Logo.

A logo is much more than colors, fancy font and various lines on the background put together.

Your logo is your brand’s identity and a mark that people will recognize your company by, so you should put a lot of effort into making it perfect.

Designing a logo requires thorough planning so that you can implement just the right elements in order to create an awesome mark that will represent your company.

Your logo should tell the story of your business and create an image of your brand in people’s minds the moment they take a look at it.

Having an attractive logo will strengthen your brand’s image and show people that you are a professional who truly cares about quality.

Read on to learn what you need to pay attention to in order to design a logo for your business website that will perfectly represent your brand and show people what you are about at a mere glance.

Keep Your Logo Simple – Less Is More

Keep-it-simple-logo design best practice
Image Credit: MileWalk

Keeping your logo simple is the best approach you can take in order to make it more appealing and attractive.

Less is always more, since making your logo look really complex will only result in it looking confusing, not to mention that it will definitely not be memorable.

By making the design of your logo simple, people will have a much easier time identifying it with your brand. More often than not, a simple logo does not even need a caption of the brand’s name.

Take Nike for example – its logo design is as simple as it gets, but we still know what brand it is the Therefore, don’t overthink it and stress over implementing too many elements related to your brand in your logo, even your brand’s name, for that matter.

Keep it as simple as possible and you will certainly hit the bullseye.

Make Your Logo Unique and Memorable

Make Your Logo Unique and Memorable
Image Credit: photosbytrinagueck

It goes without saying that your logo needs to be unique and original, so don’t even think of copying someone else’s logo.

Spend some time brainstorming and be clear about what you want people to think of when they see your logo and what kind of story you want it to tell.

When you have those two things determined, you will know exactly which direction to take once you start designing your logo. However, you shouldn’t focus on making your logo unique without ensuring it is memorable as well.

Those two features of a good logo go hand in hand, since your goal is certainly for people to remember your logo and easily identify it with your brand.

Take the Apple logo, for instance. It’s a simple apple symbol, but with a bite taken out of it – it is both unique and easily memorable. Therefore, you must think outside the box and design an original logo that people will associate with you and only you.

Make Sure Your Logo is Timeless

Timeless is definitely the keyword for a perfect logo. Just think about the “I Love New York” logo. It was created in 1975 and it is still alive and kicking!

There’s literally not a person in the world who is not familiar with that logo, which really says a lot, doesn’t it? It is simple, unique, memorable and versatile, which are all the elements essential for making it stick around for such a long time.

It’s timeless. Therefore, when designing your logo, avoid following the trends that will only make it look cool for a short period of time. Instead, think about what kind of results you want to accomplish with your logo for the long haul and make sure it stands the test of time.

As you can see, a logo is much more than a simple symbol representing your brand – it is your brand’s epic icon. As such, your logo should deliver the life-lasting impressions to your customers and communicate exactly who you are.

It is the face of your company, so you should implement the utmost care when designing it in order to make sure its aesthetic elements result in people perceiving your brand in the best possible light.

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