Change account type or Give Admin rights to normal user in Windows 8

I just started using Windows 8 few days ago and i like it but some times as a new user it is difficult to understand how it works.

Windows allows you to create multiple user accounts with different user roles such as normal user, guest user and Administrator. As an admin you have all access and full control over your windows settings.

If you have more than one user accounts in Windows 8 and want to give full admin rights to another user or may be want to make another admin a normal user, you can change it very easily in control panel under user account and family safety settings.

Log in to your windows 8 PC as Administrator user, go to control panel > user account and family safety settings > change account type

Now select your user and then click on change account type. You can make your selected user admin or normal user.

It is very simple and easy. You can also watch this youtube video

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