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Free WordPress Tutorial Video to learn WordPress

Free WordPress Tutorial Videos

WordPress is most popular Content Management System to create and manage websites and blogs. It is very easy to use and creating and managing blog or websites is not difficult at all with WordPress. More than 22% websites/blogs built with WordPress, it means every fifth website is built with WordPress.

WordPress is not only used by beginners and small businesses, even big names like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Sony, Nokia, Samsung and many other use WordPress for their projects. WordPress offers a lot of features, which makes it very powerful and flexible to create different type of websites very easily with in few minutes and hours.

Free WordPress Video tutorials in Urdu/Hindi & English

I have published  free video course to teach you the essentials of WordPress, after watching this video course you will be able to create and manage websites/blogs with WordPress yourself, no need to pay $100s of dollars to web developers.

These free video tutorials are available in Urdu/Hindi and English language.

Free WordPress tutorial video

You can download this video course free. English course is available at hile all urdu and hindi videos available at my facebook page.

Complete detail what you will learn in free WordPress tutorial video

  • How to buy web hosting (domain name and online storage to create website with WordPress)
  • Difference between and WordPress.Com
  • How to install WordPress with Softaculous
  • How to install WordPress manually (Famous five minutes installation)
  • Using WordPress Dashboard
  • Configure The Basics setting part 1 and part 2
  • Writing new post (article) and about page
  • Creating new posts and mange all posts
  • How to install uninstall plugins
  • How to install and manage themes
  • How to add images, PDF and other media
  • How to create WordPress Menus
  • Install and configure jetpack plugin
  • Updating WordPress plugins and themes
  • How to add a Contact Us page in WordPress

Download Free WordPress tutorials

WordPress Urdu/Hindi Tutorials

WordPress English Tutorials

If you have any question feel free to contact me or send me  a message on twitter @TahirTaous .

I hope these free video courses will help you to learn WordPress from scratch.

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