Sublime Emmet Tutorial course 3500+ students in 6 months ?

Few months back i decided to publish a video course on, I was using Emmet a free plug in for text editors for a long time.

Emmet is a free plug in for text editors that helps you to generate HTML & CSS mark up quickly & easily.

I had good knowledge of Emmet and i have also published 4 part series on about Emmet.

i thought lets create a video course & publish it on udemy. I didn’t know that more 3500+ students will join my course about Emmet with in a few months.

It took few days to record & edit all lectures, i uploaded all lectures. Udemy review team review my course & gave me some suggestions to make my course better.

I made some changes & my course was live after few days.

Response Feedback, Suggestions & Criticism

Students loved my course about Emmet & bootstrap. There were some issues as well.

Some of my students asked me to add captions, because my accent is not very good, i am from Pakistan. It was difficult for some students to understand my accent.

Some students asked me to optimize videos for smart phones & tablets.

Some of students asked me provide PDF file with useful Emmet abbreviations.

Video captions, Better audio & mobile friendly videos

Following students suggestions i recorded 14 lectures again, added video captions & recorded on 1024*768px resolution.

It is very simple & easy to update videos on udemy, you can just upload your new/updated video & Udemy will publish new video with in few seconds.

How to Make your HTML CSS workflow faster & simple

if you want to save your time & code faster join my fre course on udemy to Master Emmet.

More than 3500 students have joined this course as of November 12 2014.

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