How to Create a Contact Form Fo Jekyll Blog Hosted on Github Pages

Learn how to create a simple contact form on your jekyll blog.

Contact form is one of the most important part of your website. If you are using Jekyll and GitHub pages to host your website, you can not use PHP based contact forms.

There are many ways to create contact forms, I am going to share an easy way.

Visit and type your email address, click Send me a token button.

You will be redirected to a new page and you will also receive an email with details. On next page, where you can see HTML code for contact form click on Form Settings button.

On Set up form page, you can add basic settings for your form.

  • Akismet key
  • Reply to field
  • Subject template
  • Body template

Go to to get your Akismet key. It’s free and you can start with free plan.

Under reply to field just type the word email not your email address.

Under Subject template, type your subject. I am using New Message for this field, You can change with your site name.

For the body template, I am using following settings.

Hello Tahir Taous

You received a message from {{name}}:



Just reply to this message to continue the conversation.

Click on save button to save your changes.

Now you need to create your contact form, I am using bootstrap classes to style my contact form.

Now you can paste this code n your contact form page. I have also created a custom thank you page. Create a thanks page and replace with your thank you page link.

And don’t forget to update PasteYourAPITokenCodeHere with your actual API code. That’s all.

I have been using this contact form at my other website, where you can read step by step bootstrap tutorials.

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