About Mohammad Tahir Taous

Hi, I am Mohammad Tahir Taous a freelance writer and web designer from Karachi, Pakistan.

My skills and experience

  • Working with HTML, HTML5, CSS and CSS3
  • Modifying WordPress themes in PHP
  • WordPress theme development from scratch
  •  WordPress theme development with Underscore, Bones and HTML5Blank
  • Responsive mobile friendly Child Theme Development with Bootstrap and Foundation ZURB
  • Installing and configuring WordPress themes
  • Blogging with WordPress
  • Editing and customizing WordPress themes
  • Working within the general WordPress environment
  • Writing for various web design and WordPress related blogs
  • Small How to videos and full Video course development with Camtasia Studio

I started learning web design and development as a hobby. In late 2013 i started making money online writing articles and tutorials about web design and blogging. I have written many articles about WordPress, Bootstrap, Foundation and other topics for sitepoint.com/author/ttaous

I have also published courses about Emmet, Bootstrap and WordPress at Udemy.com/u/tahirtaous.

More than 10000 students have joined my video courses at Udemy and you can too join my courses.

I found that writing articles online is one of the best and easiest way to increase your earnings, blog traffic and email subscribers. There are a lot of blogs and articles how to make money online but it’s not always simple and easy to follow their instructions.

You don’t need a blog or website to start learning and writing articles about web design. You can very easily learn HTML, CSS, WordPress and write articles to make some extra money online.

Why i blog: I started this blog to share my experience how you can start learning and teaching online to increase earning, blog traffic (if you have one) and email subscribers. If you don’t have a list i’d highly recommend start collecting email address as soon as possible.

I will also share my experience about online writing, teaching, marketing and publishing. What problems you can face and how to tackle them.

What you can learn here: I publish articles and tutorials about HTML, CSS, WordPress, Responsive web design with Bootstrap, Foundation Zurb, WordPress Theme Development  from scratch, Child Theme Development and Theme Development with Underscore, Bones and HTML5Blank.

I have also published video courses and i help my clients to produce highly engaging video courses with minimum efforts. Teaching online is very simple and easy now a days you can start learning and teaching at Udemy and there are many other platforms.

How can i help you: I help my clients to start their online writing and teaching career. if you need any help you can contact me any time. You can ask me any question on Twitter.com/TahirTaous or send a message via following contact form.

Feel free to share your thoughts and views with me.